The Bridge Cambodia

The Bridge Retail Mail is one of the best investment products with high guaranteed rental returns and relatively low risk, Developed by Singapore listed developer Oxley Holdings have received overwhelming response world wide, with almost up to 70% sold within a few months time.

The Bridge Mall is located in the city center of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, an emerging market having a approximately 7% GDP growth for the last fews years. With the relatively low supply and high demand for Retail Space, The Bridge Retail Mall will be sought-after once completed (Targeted 2018). Metro Global was appointed as the management agency of the mall with the vast experience in commercial property management , hence further ensuring a good and wide tenant mix and performance. This is why the current sales package includes a guaranteed rental returns of up to 70% in 10 years, 6% for the 1st 5 years and 8% for the 2nd 5 years

The Bridge 零售商场位于柬埔寨首都金边的心脏地带,新兴市场的GDP年增长率为7%。 由于它的地理位置和城市缺乏全面的零售商场,这样的商业空间是非常抢手的。 一旦完成,商场的管理将由开发商指定的合作伙伴Metro Global承担,该公司在商业物业管理方面拥有丰富的经验,因此进一步确保良好的租户组合和业绩。 这就是为什么当前的销售配套包括高达70%的保证租金回报的原因!

保证租金收益, 回报率为前5年6%净价和第2个5年8%净价,总共达到10年70%回报!
来自Soho和公寓以及附近的客人的高人流量 ,如Nagaworld赌场酒店,索菲特,东横酒店和即将到来的香格里拉酒店


-轻松退出策略 ,无资本增值税/卖方印花税和最低持有期
-无障碍选项作为单位由商场运营商MetroGlobal管理,提高租户组合 和商场的性能
-递延支付计划 ,低预付款额为30%,余额仅在2018年完成时支付
-东盟经济增长最快的经济体之一 , GDP 高速增长 与GDP快速增长
自由商业单位的价格从91,000美元起。 (接近70%已售出!)

对于开发商的特别折扣和了解更多关于其他折扣结构 ,请联系Tony +65 8686 3444:

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